The IHRA are pleased to announce, following a test of the Portmarnock raceway last weekend, a full streaming service will be produced each week, from all venues in Annaghmore, Cork & Portmarnock for the forth coming season.

All 2020 race meetings will be streamed either live or at a delayed time, on each day of racing. A total of 25 fixtures will be streamed live during the season from across all three regions.

The broadcasting crew will use state of the art technology to give the viewers a landscape view of the race and a close up of the leading horses. A dedicated racing channel for the IHRA will also be used where subscriber can watch live racing and access to an archive database of racing for up to three years.

This coming weekend, a full trial of the qualifiers will be broadcasted live on our Facebook page as a free to air to all our followers. However, this service will then turn to a pay per view system from our first race meeting on June 27th/28thin Portmarnock.

The sub committee responsible for this service must be commended to the highest degree, as this will bring the industry to the next level, to promote our sport to a world audience on a weekly basis and with the backing of our grassroot members, the service will prove to be successful.

Full subscription details will be published shortly but for now, tune into our Facebook page on Sunday for our free trial starting at 11am