License Renewal 2020

Trainer Declaration

Grooms licence

Juvenile Stakes Nomination

Covid 19 Pre-Health Screen Form

All Attendees of an IHRA event (as per each trainer’s team received) must complete this form before 1pm on the Friday before racing.

If you have already completed this form and your circumstances have not changed, you do not have to recomplete it/

Running Behind Closed Doors Forms

1. All trainers are required to complete the following form 2 days prior to each race meeting. The form will gather the full list of attendees and it is the responsibility of each trainer to complete.

Remember for all entries, the trainer plus one registered groom per horse and the drivers, driving at the race meeting will be allowed access to the racecourse.

2. All attendee’s of a race meeting (trainers, grooms, drivers, officials, broadcasting personnel, medical personnel, veterinary personnel, photographers and journalists) must fill out this mandatory, two days before the race meeting. This form is only required to be filled out once.

Due to the current pandemic affecting Ireland and the rest of the world, all participants and officials/workers attending the above race meeting should note the following:

COVID-19 is accepted as a risk for ALL attendees.

• COVID-19 holds greater risks for the older generation as per HSE Health advice.

• All attendees are doing so with the knowledge that COVID-19 is an on-going concern, although all measures are being taken, there are no guarantees and attendance is stringently at own risk.

As a participant, due to the dangers advised above regarding entry requirements to harness racing venues, I the undersigned (the Participant), understand that attending the Event and participating in or working at the Event, carries with it inherent dangers and/or risks of physical injury, including serious injury such as permanent disability, paralysis and even death.

I am voluntarily participating in or working at the Event with knowledge of the potential dangers and/or risks involved, and agree to assume any and all dangers and/or risks of illness, bodily injury or death, whether those dangers and/or risks are known or unknown.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in or work at the Event, I hereby agree to forever release and hold harmless, the Irish Harness Racing Association CLG (IHRA), their directors, employees and volunteers in the event of injury or death to me.

3. All attendee’s must complete this initial health screen questionnaire up to two days prior to their first race meeting they wish to attend. The completed forms will be sent directly to the IHRA medical officer for approval. Any person who is deemed a risk to the health and welfare of any other attendee’s will be contacted by the IHRA medical officer.

4. Any authorised licensee who intends to race or attend a subsequent race meeting, after their first race meeting, must complete this additional questionnaire before 6pm the night before their next meeting. (If a trainer completes his/her initial questionnaire on Thursday ahead of a race meeting on Saturday, he/she must complete the additional questionnaire on Saturday evening (before 6pm) in order to gain access to the racecourse on the Sunday.)