Attention all pony owners & drivers!

Provisional pony race dates at Portmarnock Raceway:

Sun May 23rd
Sat June 5th (Irish American Celebration weekend)
Sun June 20th
Sun July 4th
Sun July 18th
Sat July 31st (M50)
Sun Aug 15th
Sun Aug 29th (Ladies Day)
Sun Sept 12
Sun Sept 26th
DATE TBC Awards!

🐎 Tiny Hooves race SHETLAND PONIES ONLY: for kids 4-6yo there will he one separate race on the day!
🐎 Drivers must wear a helmet, well-fitted body protector, gloves, goggles, leather boots, strictly no runners or flipflops.
🐎 Backup drivers must be licensed adults over 18. Strictly no driving by the backup driver! the backup driver is there only for safety reason 🙂
🐎 There will be no winners or placings in the qualifying races. We would like young drivers to get familiar with the track and racing environment first and classify ponies and drivers into their grades.
Judges will observe their ability to drive independently. As soon as drivers prove they control pony on their own, they will be allowed to drive on their own in the qualifiers and races.
Our goal is to raise professionals! 🤩🤩

Membership (to be paid prior to entering Qualifier.
☘️4yo -6yo ponies under 10hh – €20 €5 race entry (no qualifiers required)
☘️  7-15yo €20 (€5 race/qualifier entry)
Please read rules below and fill the form


Qualifiers for ALL ponies and drivers prior and during the racing season.

🐎 Trotting ponies only
🐎 Pony max height 13.3hh measured with shoes
Pony has to be older than 3 years of age (teeth may be checked), have passport, be microchipped and have vaccinations up to date.
Ponies will be cleared by the track veterinarian and measured by the stewards.
🐎 Before racing season each pony will have to be qualified, handicapped and be approved by the stewards as safe to go.

🐎 Drivers will have their own Pony Trot membership and insurance.

🐎 Children aged 7-15
Drivers will have to pass their driving exam before entering into races. Each young driver will have to prove their ability to drive a pony independently (driving one lap, cones in walk and trot)
If the exam is not passed, they will be racing in the NOVICE race with the backup driver until ready to drive on their own in the INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED races.

🐎 The Tiny Hooves – children aged 4 to 6 years, ponies max height 10.2hh only allowed with backup drivers.

Helmet, body protector, gloves, goggles, registered racing silks (or at least registered colour of the jacket), leather boots (no runners permitted)
no whips allowed

Standard trotting harness quick hitch of tie on.
racing boots, bandages are permitted
ear covers, plugs are allowed.
pulling earplugs are forbidden.

Tiny Hooves class: double seat cart
Novice class (with backup driver): double seat cart
Intermediate class: double seat cart or racing sulky
Advanced class: Racing bike 24″ wheel

The Tiny Hooves/ shetland race distance 400m
Novice to Advanced – 800-1000m Max trailing 400m

Standing/vault start for all pony races.
SAutostart in future.

Pony must trot in regular trot. any pony that breaks its gait must be immediately returned to trotting without disturbing other competitors.

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Nadina +353861922762

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